Taylor. 12-string.


For those who might have been following my various Instagram rehearsals, you’ll know that the Takamine 12-string acoustic I have owned for years started getting tempermental – adding a nice sitar-like BUZZ on the top E strings. I had the top nut worked on and 1st-2nd frets dressed, truss rod was fine, but it just kept doing it.

So I poked around and read some reviews and settled on a Taylor based on a 6-string I played and recommendation from my Luthier. I found a 2002 355CE (I tend to prefer instruments that have been played in).


Although it should have been shipped with the strings loosened, technically, to avoid damage it came out of the box IN TUNE after traveling across the country in freezing cold weather.  I then played one of the hardest parts I know on it and it was like BUTTER.

Two big thumbs up on this one. I think I am in love.

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