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The Architecture of Berlin

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The evocative “The Architecture Of Berlin” exudes a moody elegance, conjuring the height of 1970s bohemian Berlin as something of a sequel to Bowie’s “Heroes.” It also serves up sharp social commentary on how similar art communities have been commodified and become a caricature of themselves in modern times, and he toes the line between romantic Bowie and cynical modernist.


The Architecture of Berlin
Written by Henderson K Shatner

Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals – HKS

And once she’s said she’s gone you know you can’t go on

We left the Brandenburg Gate and made our way to Café Adler
You can no longer blame the brain drain, because it no longer seems to matter
Ossi & Wessi are still arguing over the fate of the Ampelmännchen
And lots of other little things that I no longer feel the need to mention

I still have time for reflection here, though
The writing was on the wall
I never made much progress here
It was the architecture of Berlin

She said, “I’d like it if we never went to bed.”
I said I’d like to; she said she’d try to, if she could fit it in her head
Unter den Linden, not quite joyridden, they’re selling pieces of the wall
I kind of liked it, she said she’d spiked it; I woke up naked on the floor

I think I found too much license here
To do much of anything at all
I never got much traction here
Amid the architecture of Berlin

Although she said she felt much safer in my arms
From the opening shot, she seemed to believe I was immune to all her charms
With all the ins and the outs—couldn’t work my way around it
So I had to leave it all just as I found it

Still, do do doo, I saw the architecture of Berlin
I touched the architecture of Berlin
She smiled and said, “The architecture of Berlin”
I love the architecture of Berlin
I kissed the architecture of Berlin