CATNYP IIII—album premiere

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Fiery single after single with strong comparisons to Bowie, Andy Partridge, Daniel Ash, and heavy on metaphoric brilliance that more often than not conjures up plenty of fantastic imagery.  “The Architecture of Berlin” is no exception.


A syncopated rhythm and fat bassline give the beat a rococo feel as falsetto vocals blend with exaggerated, echoing tones to fashion a song vaguely reminiscent of the Talking Heads crossed with NIN.

- The Young Folks

The beat-poet twisted surf-rock of the Pixies, and the dexterous and powerhouse drums of Emily Dolan Davies

- Amplify Music Mag

"McCartney's way with a melody—plus shimmering Bowie-esque guitar textures and sleazy rock rhythm." 

- Missoulian

"Big Sky feels like Pixies covering Bob Dylan for a tribute record that may never see the light of day. It’s the eccentricity of the track that makes it a winner."


"Shatner is a dynamic and melody-centric songwriter who carefully crafts each vocal line, and, like McCartney, pens lyrical basslines."

Eccentric modern classic

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Anhedonia - video