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  1. Mar a Lago

First single releasing July 27 from the debut album "More Tails of Mystery & Imagination from the Crypt of the Black Cat (Opus 4)".

Mar a Lago

There’s a vulgar little man with a comic orange tan standing on his portico
He’s staring at the sun
With that combover from hell that says all there is to tell about the state of his mind
There’s something left behind
Killing all the beauty left in you
I saw an unhinged lunatic who only knows carrot and stick leave his wife in the rain
So he wouldn’t miss his train
He’s so easily confused — tiny hands; tiny fuse — he must be bound to explode
Croaking like a toad
Killing all the beauty left in you
As the palms gently swing, all’s not well with the King
All the King’s asses & all the King’s mice
Who know the value of nothing
But all could quote the price
Killing all the beauty left in you

Henderson K. Shatner – bass, guitar, backing piano, laud, vocals
Cello – Jessica Catron
Drums – Joe Nickell
Piano – Russ Parsons
Featuring The Catnypettes – Zoe Buck, Morghan Thomas, Sophie Thompson
Written and recorded August 2017 – June 2018 at The Cat Shat Back and at Black National Recording Studios, Missoula, Montana, USA
Produced by Kevin Keohane with Chris Baumann
All songs written by Henderson K. Shatner except “The Missoula Rag” written & performed by Russ Parsons
Art: Amber Bushnell
CAT 3: Tapewyrm Records WYRM901
Copyright © (P) 2018 by Catnyp LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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