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Letter To America (Will Of God)

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Letter to America (Will of God)

All hail the Fat Man: an orange lunatic who’s barking like a mad dog, foaming at the mouth
All hail Fat Man: No disc, bits of RAM, with the tiny, itchy fingers of a hair-trigger Twitler
I need to tell you something, though you’ll never understand:
A snake’s own venom can paralyze its faith
If that seems peculiar, there’s no need to countermand
I’m afraid to say — you’ll get what’s coming to you
And you did it to yourself
& / No You can’t blame anyone
Let me tell you something else I hope you’ll understand:
If you poison the well, you’ll have nothing left to drink
You might not feel it yet — but you better stop to think
Did you just let them turn your fear into their wealth?
And you did it to yourself
You can’t blame anyone
Oh yeah

Henderson K. Shatner – drum program, bass, guitar, backing piano, vocals
Piano – Russ Parsons
Written and recorded August 2017 – June 2018 at The Cat Shat Back and at Black National Recording Studios, Missoula, Montana, USA
Produced by Kevin Keohane with Chris Baumann
All songs written by Henderson K. Shatner except “The Missoula Rag” written & performed by Russ Parsons
Art: Amber Bushnell
CAT 3: Tapewyrm Records WYRM901
Copyright © (P) 2018 by Catnyp LLC. All Rights Reserved.