Release event.


I’ve been practicing more or less once a day in preparation the release event at Shakepeare & Co on The Hip Strip here in Missoula – part of the community’s First Friday event on October 5th.

Tried a few approaches and settled on playing the whole thing on my Takamine 12 string acoustic. It just throws more sound and adds more texture to songs that are pretty basic when pared down to one guitar and vocals.  It’s reasonably forgiving for a 12 string.

For fun I’ve been live streaming my rehearsals on Instagram to simulate a live audience (more or less). That’s been good overall, with a few hiccups like the ordinarily well-behaved Takamine going out of tune on one song.

I’ll bring along the J-160E, tuned up, as a backup … just in case.

Hope you can make it.

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