One down.


Last Friday’s First Friday album launch event at Shakespeare & Co was a success. Over two hours about 25-30 people came through, listening to tracks, drinking wine and listening to one longer (35 minute) and one shorter and more informal (15 minute) sets.

I had a blast and felt like I sang as well as I ever had and played pretty well too — covering the 2-3 mistakes pretty well, having watched the Instagram live feed before it self-destructed 24 hours later.

The Takamine 12 stayed in tune. And I have to make a huge pitch for the Bose L1C  system. If you are a singer-songwriter, duo or small club band one (or two) of these is really all you will ever need: Light and portable, 1 minute to set up, more than ample volume, zero feedback and brilliant sound. Totally confidence inspiring.

Next up? A few collaborations in the pipeline so definitely an EP and either two single or one double album re-release from the crypt of the Black Cat. Watch this space…

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