Henderson & The Black Cat

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This is our third album, released August 21, 2020 online. We’ll be making it available on CD in a few weeks’ time too. If you download it or buy the CD, we’ll send you the fantastic insert booklet (20 pages, 6″ x 6″ in glorious color) illustrated by the amazing graphic novelist, David Jesus Vignolli.

You’ll be able to buy the booklet for $5 too, separately.

The album features seven singles, all accessible at Catnyp.com and on various platforms.

It’s the third and finally installment of The Black Cat Trilogy, freeing up headspace for a few projects already clogging the pipeline.

We also have a new studio also dropping into my yard on August 20 — it’ll provide a great creative space with mixing desk, 4 track reel-to-reel, mics etc. And it has a bunk bed above the closet – vocal booth section. I’ll post some photos soon.

Finally, we welcome Ian Weckler to the band on guitar. He’s an immensely talented player wielding a slab of a Telecaster when he’s not on his SG or Danelectro. Big things ahead … we might even have found a drummer, too.



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