IMG_4726.JPG As we’ve embarked on promoting the singles and the album “More Tales of Mystery & Imagination from the Crypt of The Black Cat (Opus 4)” it’s been interesting to participate in this new world of social media marketing.

While it’s cool that so many people now have a channel and a voice, I have to admit I find it bizarre. Of course you have to find your audience, then build your audience and connect with them. I get that.

Instagram, by and large, gives shallow superficial & cliche a bad name. But It’s all reflective of:

  • New generations with unbridled self-confidence often not tempered by actual reality. Yes, go and achieve your dream. But no, you are not a star and there is a 99.9% chance that you never will be. So SHOW ME, don’t TELL ME.
  • A culture edging ever deeper into narcissism, channeled into ME ME ME self-promotion that’s mechanistic, automated, soulless, broadly meaningless
  • An environment where 99% of interactions are completely insincere
  • Brands built on selfies. I understand that sex appeal has always been part of the mix in the entertainment business, but … there are “singers” and “producers” with streams of nothing but selfies. In a bikini. In the bathroom. On the beach. Making faces with friends. OK, I get it, you have a good body and want us to see your active social life and exotic locations. Can I hear your music? (Spoiler alert: it’s usually pretty grim listening if you are looking for anything that isn’t pure more-of-what-everyone-else-is-doing).
  • Rap and hip hop artists piling on my Instagram feed and following / hoping for a follow back or to buy some beats. I don’t even know what that means (actually I do, but anyways…). That’s why I posted a picture of Borscht I made with organic beets. I have nothings against it, I just don’t listen to it. It doesn’t touch me. It’s not the world I live in. Closest I get … and I mean the CLOSEST I get … is occasionally listening to Backspin in my Jeep on Sirius radio. Old skool.

You sort of have to do it, and you do run into some interesting wheat amongst the chaff. But holy cats it’s not a very good system. Bring on better AI, please, and now: I plug in the artists my music sounds like, you go out and find people who like it. Spotify is getting there. Instagram is not.


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