Back catalog.


Radio silence does not mean inactivity.

A lot of hard work and a lot of soul searching have been going on.

I get coaching from Rick Barker in his Mastermind program, and am taking a music licensing Mastermind coaching program with Michael Elsner on music licensing. That has meant going through my entire published back catalog (not yet including unpublished songs of which there are about 100) and then breaking them into ten catalogues across my former acts that I wrote for — Time Beings (done), Gargoyles (not done), Aqua-Nine (done), Nick Violet (done), Brand Violet (done), Telford Mining Disaster (done), Catnyp (almost done, just need to do the debut album which will yield a pile of new licensable content).

On top of that, we are moving to Portland – partially for a new day job, but also because I believe I’ll find musicians who are into what I am into, and more places to play compared to where I am now.

So watch this space. A lot more to come, this summer.

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