While I was writing vocal melodies and preparing to record vocals, I listened to Soul Town 100% of the time in my car. Traditional soul music and old school R&B; I spent a lot of time with Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin in particular. Listening for more than pleasure; it was study. An artifact of that: I was even driven to pay a small homage to Aretha on the track Irredemption Song . It’s not released yet, but that link gives those few who read this a sneak preview in honor of Ms Franklin.  Clearly the title reflects and is a reflection of the track’s demand for a gospel sound, or at least an angelic choir. I got both; the Catnypettes sang the song title in 4 part harmony in the verses, and Sofia delivered a blistering Aretha Franklin inspired vocal solo where a guitar otherwise would have been on the bridge. For what it’s worth, this one’s for you.

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