CATNYP IIII—album premiere

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NO HOPE — out now

"This post-punk rocker is a powderkeg driven by sucker-punch-beats by Emily Dolan Davies and interwoven with Shatner’s Plant-esque primal wails. Not to mention the signature pointed commentary wrapped up in this jabbing modern classic rock track. All and all, pure CATNYP throughout."

Review - GTC


The architecture of berlin

"Delivering fiery single after single with strong comparisons to Bowie, Andy Partridge, Daniel Ash, and heavy on metaphoric brilliance that more often than not conjures up plenty of fantastic imagery. And the recent single “The Architecture of Berlin” is no exception. 

Wordsmithery at its finest, drawing scenes that only the likes of Henderson could imagine. This single further cements Henderson as one of the more intriguing and certainly entertaining song crafters going these days."—GTC

Pacific nw tour

Thursday May 26 @ The Blue Moon, Seattle

Thursday May 26 @ The Blue Moon, Seattle

eccentric modern classic


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