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From the album "More Tales of Mystery & Imagination from the Crypt of the Black Cat (Opus 4)"


Wild Things Wandering

I stumbled to the edge where love dared to dance on your cheek
A hundred miles of elbow room under a haunting lilac sky
I’ll be searching for you for the rest of my life
You’ll be all right
I will be forever in your debt
You’re gonna be all right
If only they could see you now
A lonely moon hangs over a purple sea of fragility
To me it seems she always finds me watching
Her shadows striping across you
I’ll be all right
You’ll be forever in my debt
I’m gonna be all right
If only they could see me now
I’ll be with you, if you’ll be with me
Sitting side by side beneath the Jacaranda tree
Those birds in that bush aren’t like the ones in this tree
Watching the waves roll in across the wine dark sea
We’re gonna be all right
They’ll be forever in our debt
We’ll be all right
If only they could see us now

Henderson K. Shatner – bass, guitar, vocals
Drums – Joe Nickell